Welcome to our Tutorials page, where we provide video content to assist platform users.

This video is an introduction to the Fluid P2P platform, aimed at investors. It provides an overview of invoice financing and the platform's functionality.

"Selling 101" is an introduction to the Fluid P2P platform, aimed at sellers. It provides an overview of the platform's functionality, and the invoice sales process.

"Investing 201" goes into greater depth on the principles of investing in invoices, and specifically how to gauge an invoice's value, and how the platform can assist.

In "Rating", we explore the purpose and process of invoice rating, which underpins the Fluid P2P platform and guides investors without compromising business confidentiality for sellers. The key takeaway from this video for sellers is that high ratings (three to four stars) are difficult to achieve. A five star rating is exceptionally difficult and will be awarded only rarely. New sellers in particular should not be disheartened by one or two star ratings, and any seller should not expect a good rating on an invoice to a customer with a low credit rating, even if they themselves have a stellar platform history. A rating of any kind, of course, is not a guarantee that an investor will receive any return whatsoever, or even preserve their investment.