We do not charge investors any fees or commission to use the Fluid P2P platform. This is because investors are already assuming the risk of default by the customer and/or seller, and so, to our mind, charging a fee on top of that would be unjust.  (Incidentally, we do not add a premium to listings/transactions, which is a way many trading and investing platforms get money from investors whilst claiming to be "zero commission".)



With traditional invoice financing, a business looking to sell or factor its unpaid invoice will normally end up paying four or more of the follow fees:

  • Origination fees
  • Incremental fees
  • Servicing fees
  • Collection fees
  • Overdue fees
  • Unused line/facility fees
  • Renewal fees
  • Transaction/wire fees
  • Credit check fees
  • Termination fees

What is advertised as a very generous and cheap source of financing often ends up costing a small fortune. Given businesses looking to sell/factor their invoices want to free up cash, it can be a bafflingly expensive process, and many businesses will go bankrupt before seeing a penny from their accounts receivable book.


Revolutionising the invoice financing process is the reason we exist.


We have just two fees, of which only one may actually be payable. We charge a listing fee per invoice, for posting your invoice on the Fluid P2P platform. This amount varies with the size of the invoice, from £15 for invoices being sold for £500 or less, to £45 for invoices being sold for £2,500 or more. If the invoice sells, there is a success fee of 5% of the sales proceeds. If the invoice does not sell, there is no further fee.